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StartSmart: Your Path to Business Success!

Shaping Your Business Dream into Reality

Eye-opening business start-up tips

Your presenter, Chris Stanton-Cook has more than 50 years of small business experience gained from operating several small businesses, 30 plus years in professional accounting and coaching combined with over 20 years in VET (delivering Business qualifications). 

This webinar will cover areas that those starting their own enterprise often neglect, only to be blindsided when a problem arises in their new venture.  You'll discover business startup pitfalls and ways to avoid them. 

This webinar will give you ways to assess both your readiness to go into business for yourself and the market environment you intend to enter.  

See if you and your idea are likely to be a success without spending thousands of dollars ($,000's) and possibly hundreds of hours or more of your life on a venture that was unlikely to succeed and better still likely identify one that will justify those hours and dollars.

StartSmart: Your Path to Business Success!

Monday, May 27th - 12:30 PM (AEST)